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I’m good…

quite good…

at creating things to wear…

things to eat…

things to finish (someday)…

things to plant stuff in…

things to say in person…

things to talk about in groups of people…

things to pass the time with.


piles of laundry…

piles of anything in general.


dreams of trips…

dreams of future endeavors…

dreams of a car that doesn’t suck my paychecks faster than it uses gas.


lifetimes of laughter…

lifetimes of friends left behind…

hopefully lifetimes of new friends to come…

but still keeping those left behind.

But I’m less good at creating…

a blog.

I’m feeling less creative in writing than I was hoping with this thing.  Can’t force the creativity I suppose.

And my head hurts.

And I have to be up at 6ish (which is an hourish earlier than my usual 7ish).

So… goodnight.


In an attempt to stick to eating at home (I’d like to blame the fact that I don’t on R, but that wouldn’t be fair), I am going to start posting menus. While you, the reader, might not get much from this, I’m hoping I do.

Wednesday: Sausage and Cabbage stir-fry w/ oven roasted garlicky potatoes

Thursday: Penne Puttanesca (Mario Batali recipe)

Friday: Cajun Style Tilapia (or chicken for R), corn on the cob, and a fresh salad

Saturday: Off to Rogers, AR for a cookout

Sunday: Date Night with R (okay, one out to eat won’t hurt)

Monday: Spinach, Mushroom, and Onion Quesadillas

Tuesday: Curried Split Pea Soup (Alton Brown Recipe)

It’s interesting to me how many things I can come up with to write about during the day when I’m away from my computer. However, when it comes down to sitting and writing, I run out of words. I’m never short on things to talk about, just short on things to write about. I do plan on writing a bit about my hosta’s attempted murder last night, but first, something fun.

Fun with MP3s.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend your cool…just type it in man!

Opening Credits: “I Stay Away” by Alice in Chains

Waking Up: “Leave Me Praying” by Dave Matthews Band (the acoustic version)

First Day At School: “9th Symphony” by Beethoven

Falling In Love: “Losing My Religion” by REM

Losing Virginity: “Old Man Time” by O.A.R.

Fight Song: “Bye Bye Blackbird” by Miles Davis

Breaking Up: “Bassoon Concerto in E minor” by Vivaldi
Prom: “Nightblindness” by David Gray

Life:”Dreamgirl” By Dave Matthews Band
Mental Breakdown: “Mrs. Jesus” by Tori Amos

Driving: “Respectable” by The Rolling Stones

Flashback: “Sweater” by Weezer

Getting Back Together: “L.A. Woman” by The Doors

Wedding: “Daughter” by Pearl Jam

Birth of Child: “Curbside Prophet” by Jason Mraz

Final Battle:”Robin and Marion” by Nickel Creek

End Credits: “Your Woman” by White Town

My favorites were “Losing my Religion” for falling in love and “Sweater” for flashback (since I ALWAYS think of 8th Grade solo and ensemble when I hear that song for some reason). Odd that there are no BNL songs – my iTunes list is FULL of BNL. 

And now on to actual thoughts…

Yesterday was spent hiking and gardening. The hiking was lovely, but not nearly as eventful as the gardening. In an attempt to make the front bed look lovely, I recently purchased three hostas at 50% off from Wal-Mart. They are lovely plants, but a bit small. The bed needed more. I have a HUGE hosta in a pot by itself. I’ve said all summer that it needs to go into the ground, so yesterday was that day. I grabbed my shovel and the potted hosta and off towards the front yard I went. About 10 feet into my journey, the rim of the pot broke off and the plant fell to a near death. While looking horrifically at the scene (I loved that pot and now it sat in pieces with a mess of exposed roots next to it) I failed to notice my right hand dripping blood faster than my heart could pump it to my hand. When I did notice it, I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I screamed, ran to the back door, away from the suspect, and yelled for R to come help. I couldn’t make it in the house, there was too much blood. R didn’t come, I yelled again, feeling a bit queezy at the amount of blood that was falling from my hand, R didn’t come. I made a run for the sink (I couldn’t bleed to death in the back yard). After rinsing and cursing and rinsing some more, I found the culprit. Somehow the pot had sliced a nice cut through my index finger and it didn’t want to clot. A few minutes later, a ruined white towel, some peroxide, and a bandage, I was ready to go back out into the yard. However, this time I put on gloves.

Perhaps I should have stuck with the 50% off hostas and left the beast in the pot alone.

I think it did in my case. I’m not talking about a complete change of events filled with tragedy and revelation, but just a simple changing of my life.

My freshman year of college I was in the Wind Symphony at the University of Texas under the direction of Kevin Sedatole. He chose a piece for us that I had never heard of (the piece nor the composer). It was Symphonic Metamorphosisby Paul Hindemith. The piece required that I play contra bassoon… something I had never played, let alone touched. Not only was I going to have to practice my toushka off to keep up with my bassoon lessons and group class, but I now had to learn the bass instrument of an already bass instrument (if that makes sense). Everything about this instrument was huge – the reed, the keys, the instrument, the case, AND I had to straddle it when I played, no being ladylike during a concert anymore.

I practiced… and practiced… and practiced…and eventually I got it. While the music for this instrument wasn’t anything to really write home about, the director loved it. He wanted more contra bassoon and when I thought I played it as loud as I could, he wanted even more! I grew to love playing this beast of a double reed instrument and grew to love Symphonic Metamorphosis. I couldn’t wait until we performed the piece in concert as I had invited my mom to come listen. We performed it without a hitch and while my mom didn’t care for it too much (I think her words were “It was different”) I think it was superb.

However, not superb enough to keep me at UT. There wasn’t much to write home about that semester. I was unhappy, I refused to make friends since I didn’t make Longhorn Band, and I missed home. Never mind that my grades were a 4.0, I got to play amazing music… AMAZING music, I had a wonderful bassoon teacher, and I was in Austin, TX (which is now my favorite “home”). I left UT for UTA (Arlington… or Almost as some call it).

At UTA I was first chair in the 2nd band (couldn’t do first band as they auditioned in the summer, not the winter). The musicians in the band were all great, but the band as a unit wasn’t what I had left at UT. I was okay with that though. I was close to home and was already on my way to getting to play cymbals in marching band again for the next fall. I thought things were great. I fit right in there – I did poorly in my classes as everyone else did (except the music classes – I flew through those), I stayed out way too late to act like an overgrown high school kids with the rest of the friends I made there, I worked more than 40 hours a week as a waitress which killed my energy and made going to early classes in the morning impossible, and I quit practicing the bassoon. No need to, the pieces in band and in my lessons didn’t require any great skill.

Then it happened sometime during my 3rd semester there. Our director passed out the march from Symphonic Metamorphosis. “COOL!” I was so excited. I’d get to play at least a portion of this music again. We practiced and practiced and practiced and it seemed to never sound quite like it should. How can this band not get the piece? This was the easiest of the movements from the entire work and how could they not get it? I think this was the turning point to my reapplying to get back into UT. I couldn’t do this anymore. I was smart and my grades weren’t showing it, I was a good musician, and my lack of practice and lack of motivation to practice wasn’t proving anything, and I hated Arlington, TX.

I got back in – THANK GOODNESS. UT was more relaxed with their readmit GPAs than their new student GPAs (the one thing that saved my butt). At UT I finished my education with a great GPA, still got to be a cymbal section leader in the Longhorn Band (as I was at UTA), finally made friends…

and the best part is that my first semester back in Kevin Sedatole’s band had me playing contra bassoon for Symphony in Bb by Paul Hindemith.

Hindemith really did change my life.

So maybe my computer didn’t give me the screen of death but rather the screen of almost death but still hanging in there. I reloaded Windows XP and Mozilla Firefox and we’re back up and running. However, I still feel that the laptop that Dell is currently putting together is needed, so I’ll not cancel the order. Everyone needs 3 computers in their house… right?

I don’t think I was as excited about my computer being up and running as I was about it being up and running and having access to Photoshop. I don’t have the disk (don’t know where it is) and wouldn’t be able to load it onto the laptop because of my lack of keeping up with important computer programs. It’s just not in the budget to purchase a new copy. I’ll just have to keep this computer for Photoshop alone.

Because of the resurrection of the computer, I have posted new pics on Flickr. Enjoy.

well, the screen of death doesn’t say much, other than the screen (and the computer that the screen is connected to) is dead. My computer has a problem with being turned off. Okay, not so much a problem with being turned off as it has with being turned on again. Yesterday we had some kind of humongo storm come through at lunch along with the appropriate power surges that storms come with. Well, a power surge leads to a computer turning off which leads to my having to spend minutes upon minutes trying to get my computer back up and running again.

Much to my surprise, the computer turned on again quite quickly and much to my surprise (not not a good one) I was led to a screen basically telling me Windows won’t load. I had two options (load regularly or load to old settings) neither of which worked.

It was my sign… the sign I needed to go ahead and purchase the laptop I can’t afford but obviously need right now. So, until I get that computer, posts will be few (hard to type at R’s computer that he has set up for gaming (comfy chair, far to far away from the keyboard, etc). AND until I find another copy (I might just have to buy a new one) of photoshop, I won’t be posting pictures on Flickr. This is a sad day indeed.

So stay tuned until I’m back up and running like normal.

Last January something gave me the wild idea to move my garden out of containers and into the ground. I’m not sure if I found a website or a catalog that inspired me, but something bit me out of nowhere. I went crazy for seed catalogs (which anyone who gardens would agree that they are the free porn of the gardening world). I had hundreds of plants written down in my dream book and I was going to plant them all.

Then reality struck. No, not the reality of I’ll never have time to keep up with them all, but the reality of the paycheck versus the cost of all of those seeds. So I scaled down. I picked the tomatoes I had to have, herbs I had to have, and a few peppers. Those were planted in January and put in a window to sprout. They were doing good, I would have a modest salsa garden for sure.

Then I found a post in a forum from someone who had seeds to give away. I just had to send an envelope with a stamp. Well, my modest garden turned into a garden that would have gourds, squash of all kinds, melons, more tomatoes, pumpkin, and eggplant. Now, I might have been getting ahead of myself seeing as how I’ve never attempting more than just some flowers in the ground, but I couldn’t pass up this great deal. These were FREE seeds. I couldn’t let someone else have them.

I planted them all in little peat pellets and grow they did… and grow… and grow. I had to get a garden plotted and soon or the squash was going to take over the patio. Thankfully my dad was planning a trip up here for Memorial Day weekend and I played the part of his little girl and talked him into building me a garden. He tilled, I kind of helped, he spread manure, I watched, and then I planted and fertilized.

It’s a glorious thing, how my garden grows.

see my garden pictures at my flickr account

If you’re here than allow me to introduce myself (and if you think you know who I am, then you can ignore this and consider it a wasted attempt at getting a glimpse into what is really me). I’m Erin. I’m a young woman, still a girl at heart, who loves many things. I could start this entire blog by listing the things I’m interested in, but I’ve already done that at about 5 other various websites and if you really wanted to know the mundane things, “HEY, she likes to cook!”, then you would be hanging out at instead of here on a more “real” blog.

I started this as I needed a place to post whatever it is that tickles my fancy. I can’t promise that everything will have some great, earth shattering meaning, or that I’ll leave you in stitches while you attempt to keep your soda from coming back up your nose, I can promise to write candidly. I’ll be honest about my basil addiction, honest about the fact that I have entirely too mean skeins of yarn yet to be knit into wonderful scarves, and I’ll be honest that those skeins will only be scarves as I attempted to knit other goods once and failed… gloriously failed.

If you’re looking for someone who will hang dirty laundry out for the internet world to read, this isn’t that place. I want to write about amazingly delicious dinners I’ve come up with, jewelry I’ve made, books I’ve read, CDs I’ve worn out, and trips I’m planning. I want to write about that new skillet that I just HAVE TO HAVE and probably never will, the set of measuring cups Tupperware just came out with and once again, just HAVE TO HAVE, and about that new pair of Cons I saw in the window of a shoe store. I’ll try to be creative, entertaining, and current. That I’ll certainly try.

You will probably notice that I tend to get stuck on topics for periods of time. As of lately, I’ve been stuck on gardening and knitting bracelets. I’m sorry if you don’t like either of those topics because I’ll probably fill the blog with meanderings about those two things for the next couple of months. But rest assured, just when you think you can’t take another line about squash, tomatillos, bracelets, or flowers, I’ll move into fall (the beginning of my favorite part of the year). Those posts will last through Christmas where I’ll move along to more knitting – but scarves, not bracelets – and eventually seed catalogues (otherwise known as porn for gardeners). Then the gardening posts will start again. Call this a warning.

In any case, I’ve finally decided to start this and hopefully good things will come.

Bare with me while I get the look of this site together. That is my number one priority – the look – not the content.

Thanks for dropping by!

take a looksie