If you’re here than allow me to introduce myself (and if you think you know who I am, then you can ignore this and consider it a wasted attempt at getting a glimpse into what is really me). I’m Erin. I’m a young woman, still a girl at heart, who loves many things. I could start this entire blog by listing the things I’m interested in, but I’ve already done that at about 5 other various websites and if you really wanted to know the mundane things, “HEY, she likes to cook!”, then you would be hanging out at myspace.com instead of here on a more “real” blog.

I started this as I needed a place to post whatever it is that tickles my fancy. I can’t promise that everything will have some great, earth shattering meaning, or that I’ll leave you in stitches while you attempt to keep your soda from coming back up your nose, I can promise to write candidly. I’ll be honest about my basil addiction, honest about the fact that I have entirely too mean skeins of yarn yet to be knit into wonderful scarves, and I’ll be honest that those skeins will only be scarves as I attempted to knit other goods once and failed… gloriously failed.

If you’re looking for someone who will hang dirty laundry out for the internet world to read, this isn’t that place. I want to write about amazingly delicious dinners I’ve come up with, jewelry I’ve made, books I’ve read, CDs I’ve worn out, and trips I’m planning. I want to write about that new skillet that I just HAVE TO HAVE and probably never will, the set of measuring cups Tupperware just came out with and once again, just HAVE TO HAVE, and about that new pair of Cons I saw in the window of a shoe store. I’ll try to be creative, entertaining, and current. That I’ll certainly try.

You will probably notice that I tend to get stuck on topics for periods of time. As of lately, I’ve been stuck on gardening and knitting bracelets. I’m sorry if you don’t like either of those topics because I’ll probably fill the blog with meanderings about those two things for the next couple of months. But rest assured, just when you think you can’t take another line about squash, tomatillos, bracelets, or flowers, I’ll move into fall (the beginning of my favorite part of the year). Those posts will last through Christmas where I’ll move along to more knitting – but scarves, not bracelets – and eventually seed catalogues (otherwise known as porn for gardeners). Then the gardening posts will start again. Call this a warning.

In any case, I’ve finally decided to start this and hopefully good things will come.

Bare with me while I get the look of this site together. That is my number one priority – the look – not the content.

Thanks for dropping by!