Last January something gave me the wild idea to move my garden out of containers and into the ground. I’m not sure if I found a website or a catalog that inspired me, but something bit me out of nowhere. I went crazy for seed catalogs (which anyone who gardens would agree that they are the free porn of the gardening world). I had hundreds of plants written down in my dream book and I was going to plant them all.

Then reality struck. No, not the reality of I’ll never have time to keep up with them all, but the reality of the paycheck versus the cost of all of those seeds. So I scaled down. I picked the tomatoes I had to have, herbs I had to have, and a few peppers. Those were planted in January and put in a window to sprout. They were doing good, I would have a modest salsa garden for sure.

Then I found a post in a forum from someone who had seeds to give away. I just had to send an envelope with a stamp. Well, my modest garden turned into a garden that would have gourds, squash of all kinds, melons, more tomatoes, pumpkin, and eggplant. Now, I might have been getting ahead of myself seeing as how I’ve never attempting more than just some flowers in the ground, but I couldn’t pass up this great deal. These were FREE seeds. I couldn’t let someone else have them.

I planted them all in little peat pellets and grow they did… and grow… and grow. I had to get a garden plotted and soon or the squash was going to take over the patio. Thankfully my dad was planning a trip up here for Memorial Day weekend and I played the part of his little girl and talked him into building me a garden. He tilled, I kind of helped, he spread manure, I watched, and then I planted and fertilized.

It’s a glorious thing, how my garden grows.

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