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Hey Dianna – this post’s for you- well, I’m posting because you made me feel like a WordPress slacker.

I’ve always been one to try and do way too much at once.  I’m never happy JUST working, or JUST going to school, or JUST this and JUST that, I have to be doing JUST what I need to… and this, and that, and this as well.  I think all of that has finally caught up with me this week.
Last weekend was my 2nd craft fair.  It was two 12 hour days (and the first day started off at a seminar at work, and as great as that was, it really started a long day).  I had spent all week before the fair getting ready – making bracelets, scarves, packaging, and designing my set up for the fair.  Then the long weekend of the fair, then a wedding, and then back to work for a long week at work.
On Tuesday, I spent the day in a retreat with some coworkers.  That’s when I crashed.  After lunch I began develop a migraine.  I haven’t had one since Jr. High (don’t know exactly what caused one then, I’m sure I was in too many clubs or involved in too much drama or something like that – it was stressful when I was 15).  I went home early, laid in bed, was sick as a dog, took a nap, and woke up better… tired but better.  I’ve been tired ever since.  Sure, I could come home from my walk after work and sleep, but that wouldn’t allow me time to do everything that has to be done!!!  There is laundry to do, beads to craft with, scarflettes to knit, and gardens to make ready for winter.  I suppose I can look forward to Thanksgiving break for time to wind down.

I need a nap.

But before I take a nap – I need to go update  *grins*


Months ago I was pointed in the direction of It’s a on-line home for many crafters and artists to sell their stuff, chat with each other, and spend hours upon hours browsing some amazing things.

Up until yesterday, I had only used it for some occasional window shopping. Last night I decided it was time to post the hand knit bracelets I made up for the Clothesline Fair (I sold a few, but did come home with some as well). I do have another fair coming up, but I can make some more before then, if these will sell in the meantime, then I am more than happy to pack them up and send them off.

As with all on-line communities, there is an Etsy forum. I found someone who has started a thread titled “30 Days to a better Etsy”. Each day she is assigning a task to the readers of her thread helping us all have a better Etsy store. Yesterday was day one and the task was to come up with a list of short term (one month) Etsy goals and long term Etsy goals. While I could have very easily written this down on a post it, I thought if I actually blogged about it, perhaps it will mean more and I’ll try and reach those goals.

Short Term Goals (October):
1. Follow “30 Days to a better Etsy” forum thread every day and actually do what is recommended.
2. Sell at least 4 items (2 down, not a bad start)
3. Post all bracelets and scarves by Oct. 31 with 10 new items from my stock today (probably bracelets).
4. Promote Etsy to my Myspace and WordPress accounts – more often on Myspace than WordPress.
5. Post on Etsy forums daily to keep my shop name on the threads and in peoples minds.
6. Pass out Idyll Hands business cards to friends and promote the site as a good place for Christmas gifts.

Long Term Goals
1. To create a monthly income with sales (even if it’s small, I’ll take $20/month to make it worth my time and energy for now)
2. Create 4 new items to have for sale on my Etsy site.
3. Create Etsy banner to reflect the theme of my store.
4. Add 8 new items each month.

I think these are good goals to start with. I might be clever and come up with a few more, but I am not making a second job out of this and want to have fun with it for now – so we’ll leave it at that.

And because I could not end this post without my shameless plug:

take a looksie