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I do believe I am the princess, if not the queen, of starting a project and ignoring it – forgetting I ever started it in the first place. I’ve done it as far back as I can remember. I used to start very intricate Lego houses only to quit putting them together before I even got to the 2nd story… I used to get all of my art supplies out and situated just so before I decided that I’d rather go create some interesting concoction in the kitchen… I still buy tons of stuff on clearance at the craft store only to give it away or Freecyle that stuff later to get it out of my life. I won’t let that happen to this blog.

Some time ago, April or May of 2001, I started a blog at It spanned over the time of my final years of college, my time in Longhorn Band, and the tedious end of one relationship and the entire span of another. It even stretched into the beginning of my life in Arkansas, my job at Walton Arts Center, and the beginning of the wonderful relationship I’m in now. Sometimes I posted daily, sometimes I forgot the blog was there, but in the end, it is a good diary of sorts.

I have spent much of today cleaning and organizing the upstairs of our house. I came across the blog (I printed it out before I decided not to pay for the domain anymore). I read just a few pages of it, but that was enough. I will NOT ignore this blog. I will not have years of my life forgotten because I was too lazy to take the time to write about it.

I have a blog over at I only started that one because I couldn’t post an Etsy mini at this blog. However, I’ve kept up with it and it has turned into my crafting blog (well, crafting, cooking and gardening, but mostly crafting). I really like that blog as it is a good promotional tool for my Etsy shop, but not so much a diary of my daily life. This one will be.

I’m crossing my fingers that I have so much more in my life to write about than just crafting and that there will be some substance to what I have to say here. I’m sure there will be, I’m always finding things to do and things to chat about. For instance, since I last posted here, Christmas has come and gone, 2008 has began, and I’ve interviewed for a job that would challenge me, allow me to learn new things, gain new experiences on my career path and double my salary. Yes, double. I really hope I get it. I would love to work for that organization, for the people I would report to, and with the people that are already there. And I’m not going to lie, double my salary would be completely helpful at this point in my life. However, if I do not get it, I’m sure life will go on and I will still have plenty to blog about.

So, please, if you have been checking in on this blog, continue to do so. I promise I won’t be ignoring it and I promise to keep it separate from my crafting endeavors (unless I just HAVE to talk about something related to Etsy).


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