It’s funny how we seem to blog about things that are spectacular or things that really get on our last nerve and ride it into the sunset.  If I could change that, I would, but I can’t, so I won’t.

I’ve run into about 3 minor irritations today while shopping for a bassoon.  Yes, I’m shopping for a bassoon. I shall list the below for your reading pleasure:

1. runs some classifieds both for people selling and people looking for bassoons.  It’s a great listing of some really great instruments (mind you, some cost as much as a small house, but still, a good resource).  I found a few that fell in my price range (a small used car instead of a small house).  I emailed the posters and waited patiently.  The first reply I got “Sorry, this sold a few months ago”.  Hello?  Months ago??  Do we not practice good classified etiquette in the world of bassooning?  If our house sold would we not take down the for sale sign in the yard?  Same rules apply to this, take your listing down please.

2.  Same set up as before,, a few emails, waiting patiently (remember that story?).  This one replied with pictures.  Yay, I’m excited, BUT wait, upon closer inspection, this instrument does not have the high D key that the listing said it did.  Is this some lucky person who stumbled upon a bassoon at an auction?  Perhaps their grandmother was a bassoonist and passed away so they are left to have to get rid of this instrument.  After they did a bit of research, they realized the high D key adds a bit of value to their new found item to sell.  Assuming bassoonists don’t know any better, they list it with “high D key” in the ad.   Thanks, but I’m not that stupid.

3.  Not the same situation as before.  This bassoon I found on a website selling used instruments.  Well, okay, same situation as before, the bassoon has sold.  Again, do we not remove these things from your “for sale” section?  Are you offering a rain-check with that “we don’t have this item to sell”?

Of course, buying a bassoon is nothing something you just decide to do and, bam, it’s done.  It takes time, lots of shopping, lots of emails with information and pictures.  I understand that, but I can’t get the process going if people can’t have accurate and up to date listings!

*steps off soapbox*