Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ya’ll

If making a decision (any decision) is hard for you, please raise your hand. Anyone? Am I all alone here? As I’ve grown up and sat in adulthood for a while, I’ve noticed something. Making decisions is not all it’s cracked up to be. Most decisions are based around money, or so it seems in my case. “Do I buy those shoes that will surely get me a promotion?”, “Do we buy the expensive grill that might last a while or the cheaper one that we’ll have to replace in a year?” “Do I blow my savings account on a trip to Nova Scotia and have a ton of fun doing it or do I play the responsible game and save it because rainy days may soon be around the corner?”. See, all hard decisions.

The result of these difficult decision making times will be three days off of work this week. It’s spring break here in NW Arkansas and while it’s been a few years since I’ve called myself a student, I still like to take some time off to enjoy whatever spring break brings. A couple of years ago, it brought a trip to Gatlinburg, TN. Last year it was camping at Roaring River with a grand finale shopping at every outlet mall/center Branson, MO has to offer (we found some killer deals). This year it will be spent organizing my closet (i.e. yarn collection), planting my herb garden, hanging out in the garden center at Lowes, doing some crafting, playing the bassoon, and learning how to make Risotto. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to my spring break. It includes tons of things that don’t require a ton of decisions based around money… except for the trip to Lowes. I’ll leave the wallet in the car!