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I am sick and tired of deciding that tomorrow is going to be different.  That tomorrow I’m going to shove my head in a bag of veggies and only eat those.  That tomorrow I’m going to head to a gym and not come back out until I’ve lost the weight/toned the muscle/gained a healthy lifestyle.  I am sick and tired of having the good Erin vs. bad Erin playing in my head at all times.

Mostly I’m tired of being sick.

I’ve caught another bug this week.  I’m not quite sure why I’m catching bug after bug, but I am betting it has to do with the fact that I’m just not as fit as I used to be.  I’m no slug, but I’m also not the active healthy eater that moved to Arkansas.

That will change.  I’m not fooling myself this time.  That will change.

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers FOREVER and while I know it works and it has worked for me in the past, it’s not the only thing I need right now.  I need some activity and it seems I need forced activity.  I won’t voluntarily jump up and take a run around the blog.  I need someone in front of me telling me to do this and to do that and I need a group of people making me go with them to do this and do that.

That activity is Jazzercise and that group is some ladies from work.  Laugh, if you must, but it’s worked for a few people I know.  It’s high activity and if I combine that with the healthy eating that Weight Watchers has taught me, then I know I can get healthy.  My pants will be to big for me, I’ll be able to pull out my favorite pair of jeans (a pair of Lucky Brand jeans I found at Buffalo Exchange in Austin for $13!) and wear them, without squeezing.  I want to get back to that.

I will get back to that.


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